SKAmedia has extensive experience producing and directing Satellite Media Tours (SMTs).  SMTs are a series of pre-booked, live, one-on-one interviews that place candidate or any other spokesperson on multiple television outlets from the convenience of one location via satellite uplink.  SMTs can be produced in studios or at remote locations with the support of a satellite truck.

With a SMT an organizations message of the day can be delivered personally by a spokesperson live via satellite to broadcast audiences in targeted media markets throughout the Nation in a single session.  With this tool, television exposure is maximized through a series of one on one live interviews with local or network television anchors.  A SMT can get an organization’s representatives into many key media markets without anyone having to travel.  Thus spokesperson’s time investment is limit while their exposure is large, making a SMT incredibly cost effective.  Coupled with some pre-produced video footage, SMT’s are an amazingly effective tool for getting the campaign or organizations message out.   SKAmedia has done extensive SMTs for presidential and other campaigns.