Video E-Mail is a marketing tool that SKAmedia has developed.  Video E-Mail is an exciting way to deliver both visual and verbal messages to a target audience.  The message can range from an update of changing events to a tightly targeted audience, or blast out a broad message to hundreds of thousands of people.  SKAmedia's Video E-Mail can deliver - made for television advertisements, slide shows, or direct appeals, like this one, to anyone's computer anywhere.  Our production staff can shoot a client in front of a green screen, and put them into any environment or backdrop they desire.  Accompanying soundtracks can range from a spoken address to a musical score

 Video E-Mail is a media campaign product designed to work very much like direct mail and automatic phone calls.  It is fun, exciting, and new.  Video E-Mail holds peoples attention.  They won’t throw it into the wastebasket without looking at it.  And SKAmedia’s Video E-Mail is cheaper than direct mail. 

 Unlike direct mail or other media, Video E-mail allows the recipient to respond immediately to any solicitation providing instant feedback.  Whether a solicitation for donations or a request for campaign volunteers, the recipient of a Video E-Mail can reply right away before they move on to something else.  Click through buttons leading to various Web pages surround the video screen on a SKAmedia Video E-mail.  These buttons can be customized to lead the Video E-Mail recipients to a client's web page or donation site.  Buttons can also be created to conduct polls and gauge opinion.  SKAmedia can track and provide data on what links were selected and how many people watched the video e-mail providing the client with valuable information for their campaign.  SKAmedia can provide tracking services to gauge a client's interest in the video E-mail’s message.